Our Story

In Voděrádky, we are making another dream come true. We are creating a space that combines high technology, art, entertainment and a piece of nature. In 2019, we've discovered a place that deserved our attention from the beginning. We bought the former Marshal's farm in Voděrádky and are reviving it with a sense of its original condition and location. We are building a space that will not only serve us to play with modern technology but will also bring joy to all of you.

We have built a hall for theater, cinema, concerts and other meetings of all kinds. We have opened a summer theater stage, we are inventing a children's trail and we are revitalizing the surrounding nature to provide a sufficient refuge for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.'

To top it all off, we are constantly RECYCLING, UPCYCLING AND OVER AND is a circle.


Petr Vlček

heart of home of AV

We have already managed to revive several places, but Voděrádky will undoubtedly be our life's work in many ways. My wife is sometimes very suspicious of my projects, but she has gotten used to the fact that I leave the most important decisions headlong to intuition after  a rough calculation beforehand in the teepee with the council of elders.

We create a space that reflects when my heart beats. We build, we consult, we consult again, we dig, we recycle, we tear down, we build, we design, and above all we rejoice in what is created. We try to connect the old with the new as sensitively as possible, rusty with metal, glass with wood, adults with children, natural with digital...we don’t stop, we keep going and contemplating in the teepee:o)

Dita Vlčková

soul of home of AV

It's been a long time since I stopped thinking my husband's ideas were crazy. I admire his visionariness and ability to see reality differently than it appears at first glance. We have been fulfilling our biggest life dream every day for more than 5 years and now we have something that resonates with both of us a little differently. From the point of view of the mother of two boys, it is also an opportunity to show the children up close how many different directions they can take in life.

On our farm there must be life in every corner. It is a place with a stream flowing through it, in which hundred-year-old oaks grow, from which its history breathes on you. This is a huge challenge for us and there is simply no time to waste.

Why are we doing all this

The last shirt you wear has no pockets. We started our companies so we wouldn't have to operate in the machinery of large corporations. We get instant ideas, we consult flexibly, we make quick decisions, we can do the impossible in three days or more with the right motivation, and we can do miracles on the spot.

We are a flexible team of digital Indians.


What did it look like before


The revitalization of the farm and its surrounding area, life with children and friendships with artists of all kinds led us to the idea of establishing an endowment fund.

We have many public benefit visions and ideas, and for these purposes the Dita’s and Petr’s Vlček Endowment Fund was established in July 2021, so that in the future we can be transparent with our and perhaps your funds and leave behind something that will benefit not only us, but also the rest of you.

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