Interactive trail Voděrádky – Kuří #1

The maximum amount of the foundation's contribution:
not set
The budget for the construction of the children's trail includes:

Conceptual and artistic design of playgrounds/stations, development of Dubák and Rádek story script including downloadable PDF worksheet, construction of play stations.

Project authors: Veronika Kudláčková Psotková & MgA. Roman Kudláček in cooperation with Dita and Petr Vlček

Project intent:

Kids to the woods! Parents, you will enjoy it. On the Voděrádky - Kuří route we plan to build a publicly accessible interactive trail with a children's playground, a ball track and water features, which will be guided by the story of Dubák the Elf and Rádek the Tadpole.

Project schedule:

Dita Vlčková
Vice-Chairwoman of the Management Board
tel: +420 776 013 634

Project completion date:

End of 2023

Project authors:

Dita and Petr Vlček

Thank you for your support:

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Current State:

Spring 2023

Winter has not been kind to outdoor work, and we have been focusing all of our energies during the cold months on the indoor improvements to our farmhouse. With the arrival of spring, work on the trail has slowly resumed and all of the original trail elements are waiting to be placed behind the theater. 

As soon as the ground dries out a bit, we will begin preparations for the maze and a general revitalization of all the habitats that took a beating over the winter. We have almost all the sign milling materials ready, the water lilies cut and all the materials prepared.

Here we go, keep your fingers crossed!

Summer 2022

The start of the course is already shaping up. During July and August we delivered the first pieces of the original game elements to Voděrádky. The rest area by the farmhouse, where we planned the first playground trail site, was cleaned and prepared for the placement of a seating area made up of several concrete logs. In a few weeks, you will be able to learn the story of Dubák and Rádek on signs that will be produced by our CNC machine. 

And if we have got a beginning, we have got a conclusion as well. The concrete parts of Dubák's body are resting behind the theater and will be temporarily placed along the road. 

We can't wait to get started on building the maze, for which Roman has created a model, as well as for the Beaver Dam, a children's playground. We have all the materials ready, so now we need to get our hands free as soon as possible. 

By the water we are finishing the barefoot playground and a small sandy beach.

Spring 2022

In early 2022, we received a conceptual and artistic design for the trail and individual habitats. Roman Kudláček started working on the script of the characters of the story of Dubák and Rádek, the forest heroes who will guide the children along the trail. At the same time we started the landscaping necessary to build the trail itself.


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