BLOG: The 11th commandment of an architect – You shall not insulate

The 11th commandment of an architect – You shall not insulate

We've given the deputy's houses their reputation back

These cottages were built on the land No. 3 in 1930. They served as houses for the families of the workers on the Maršálek farm. After the eviction of the Maršálek family, the houses fell under the administration of the state, later under the administration of the State Farm Říčany, which had the houses partially reconstructed. In 1967 the houses were donated to the state by Maria Maršálek and became the property of the State Farm.

The State Farm accommodated the workers of the cowshed, who were also the last inhabitants of the cottages and unfortunately left them in a desolate state.

We decided to restore the original deputy's houses to their reputation. Feďa took care of spraying the facade plaster in the pre-war way. It wasn't just the porch and the barn that were swept with birch brooms. They were also once used to spray the facade, which was also called "broom". And the result? Judge for yourself. We're proud of Feďa.


In 2020, we carried out a general reconstruction according to the original layout and brought the houses back to life.


Windows - KD Poklad, wooden beams from the steel hall; polystyrene concrete from the packaging of Samsung monitors; insulation of the extension with 12 cm polystyrene from the steel hall.


Complete construction and plumbing work; wooden windows and doors - master carpenter Pavel Magera, Opava.

Author: Dita Vlčková

6. 11. 2023

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