Fire, water, earth, air
and the digital element

We will let you and your thoughts and ideas swirl in our extraordinary glass multimedia hall. Thanks to its variable spatial acoustics and technological facilities, we can transform it into a hybrid studio, conference hall, summer theater stage, concert venue or cinema in the blink of an eye.
You will find us in the countryside by the stream, under the centuries-old oak trees that can pass on health and strength, spiritual wisdom and energy. We've added a little bit of ourselves, fiber optic cables, fast data and multimedia content to it all.

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270 m²
of hall area
Centuries-old oaks
form the adjacent surroundings
up to 160 m²
of stage area
9,68 × 2,72 m
size of our 2 × 4K (32:9) LEDs
1 GB/s
of max. internet connection speed
a truck
can be parked safely here
4,8 m
from ground to ceiling
13 × 4,5 m
of projection screen area
400 m²
of loft lounge
150 m²
for up to 60 people
up to 100 people
in the foyer
15 × 18 m
of total space of the event hall
10 km
from Prague

Looking for an interesting venue for your event?

We rent you our space for your unique event.
We provide you with sound, visuals, catering and great atmosphere for your event.
We create custom multimedia content for you.
We broadcast your venue and deliver it online.
We guarantee state-of-the-art technical facilities and supervision.

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Who wrote about us

Renault Trucks
Direct People
Betlém 21. století
Petr Hájek
Primavera Andorrana

A great and original place with a special charm that simply "gets you". Add a team of professionals led by Mr. Jadrný to this, who are ready to fulfill your wishes to the smallest detail and the success of your event is guaranteed! It is probably impossible to express more in words. You simply must experience Home of AV by yourself!

Thank you Home of AV for being our hosts and we look forward to seeing you again next time!

Tereza Porubová
Marketing & PR Director Renault Trucks Czech Republic and Slovakia

Für unseren Geschäftspartner aus Deutschland haben wir einen besonderen Ort gesucht, um unsere Möbel zu präsentieren. Wir haben diesen Ort gefunden!

Home of AV hat uns bereits bei unserem ersten Besuch begeistert. Schon beim Betreten des Geländes konnten wir die Magie spüren. Nicht nur die einfühlsame Rekonstruktion der Gebäude, das Zusammenspiel aus alt, gebraucht und neu, die Liebe zum Detail und die große Anzahl an Ideen haben uns fasziniert, sondern die großartige Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Jadrný und seinem Team, bei dem ich mich an dieser Stelle nochmals herzlich bedanken möchte. Sehr aufmerksam, perfekt abgestimmt und unwahrscheinlich freundlich. Home of AV – ein magischer Ort mit magischen Menschen, ein Ort, an den man zurückkehren möchte und genau das werden wir tun. Die nächsten Veranstaltungen in Ihrem Haus sind schon geplant!

Weiter so…

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Paráček
Retail Interiors Technical Sales Manager, Ahrend

„You have to experience Home of AV in Voděrádky near Říčany by yourself. There are many places that are interesting, special or unique. But this one is also very human and actual.
It's incredible what the Vlček family and their wonderful crew have managed to make out of a place of desolate destruction. And in such a refreshing way! I don't know exactly who the author of the idea of absolute recycling is (no doubt Mr. Hájek, the architect, has a hand in it), but I think it could be a great hope for the future.

I see a wide range of uses, from culture, to technically demanding conferences, gala dinners, teambuilding with BBQs to yoga meditation by the bubbling brook under the ancient oaks.

Of course, you're going to be cold if you schedule your event on the summer stage for mid-May and it's just 11 degrees! But before you know it, Mr. Jadrný is solving that problem with straight heaters and blankets, and Marek Weinstein (of Bistro Shoda) is making mulled wine and cherry liqueur to conjure up a smile on the faces of frozen guests.
And the best thing about this place in general is how alive and in constant evolution it is. So, I wish them all the unflagging enthusiasm, energy, inventiveness and a desire to change things for the better.
Thank you!“

Jana Vlášková
Events Manager, PAutomobil Import s.r.o.

When looking for a suitable location to host any event, there are a number of criteria that must be met to ensure the standard expected of BMW. In addition, for press conferences and events for journalists in general, I always try to find a venue that is ideally brand new or fresh, exceptional, in short, something different. When I first came to see the Home of AV, I knew immediately - this is IT! Guests had the same feeling during the very successful launch of new BMW models on the Czech market. I appreciate the professional approach, the high level of commitment and the willingness to help with really anything.

David Haidinger
Corporate Communications Manager, BMW Czech Republic s.r.o.

The incredible atmosphere enchants everyone who enters the premises. It really rarely happens that you don't want to leave.

In addition to the great technical facilities, pleasant and imaginative design all around you, where they have managed to combine industrial elements with natural ones, you look into the charming surrounding environment and, what’s more, you have the professional support of the team, who you can see that they enjoy their work. And that's a pleasure...

Markéta Chvojková
Event manager INDEP, s.r.o.

"Gentlemen, it was much, much better than I ever imagined!"

Martin Junek
ABEX – Associated Broadcast Experts

"The year 2021 and a big social event? Definitely a challenging combination! However, thanks to the Home of AV team led by Mr Jadrny and their passion and flexibility, we managed to create an event that will be remembered for a long time. A beautiful venue with a strong story, great organization and a great cultural experience in the form of a theatre performance... We have been getting nothing but positive feedback from our guests – we hope to be back again soon!"

Petra Nováková
Marketing Manager SoftwareONE Czech Republic s.r.o.

"We have experienced a lot with Direct People in the field of events, but the Dejvice Theatre performance and the (before) party at Home of AV were among the best ever. The venue has an incredible genius loci: the architecture, design and high-tech audiovisual equipment combined with the industrial surroundings to create an extraordinary experience. And since everything is all about people, the Vlček family and the concierge Honza Jadrný contributed a lot to the success of the event by making our dreams come true and dealing with everything we encountered on our organizational journey. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone who wants to impress their guests."

Daniela Velová
Communications Director – DIRECT PEOPLE s.r.o.

"The cooperation with Mr. Jadrný and his production team was beyond our expectations. Thanks to the cooperation with Home of AV, we managed to organize a virtual press conference during the pandemic restrictions in the premises of Home of AV, equipped with the most modern multimedia technology for any type of event. If you're planning a turnkey online or offline event and don't want to rely on the vagaries of the weather, the team at Home of AV has a solution I can recommend. I look forward to our future projects together."

Jiří Jelínek
PR / TPR Specialist Asus computer

Petr Vlček was in Las Vegas when a few years ago he got a call from a friend asking if he wanted to buy an old house just outside of Prague. At the time, Vlček was looking for new premises for his company AVT Group, so he auctioned the hall for ten million CZK from Vegas.
Read the article

"The Czech company AVT Group has created a 21st century nativity scene. It is made of wood that comes to life with the help of modern audiovisual technology. The motif of the Christmas attraction for the public, which will be free to view according to current government regulations until January, is the carol " We Bring You The News ". The festive digital nativity scene was lit up in front of the company's headquarters in Prague Voděrádky this Saturday at 4 p.m., marking the beginning of Advent."
Read the article

"I like to visit the Vlček family in Voděrádky as an architect and nowadays as a friend. Voděrádky is Peter’s and Dita's vision of total recycling. Here we have gradually transformed local and imported waste into theater, halls and residential buildings. The whole process of design and implementation is a crucial experience for me. It is similar to a jazz band concert. The building interventions are a collage that spontaneously emerges over time. When I arrive at the site, I look at what has been added. I'm mainly interested in what I haven't seen and what Petr himself has designed and created. Then I add my next layer. The failed work gets redone or improved. I draw the drawings right away on the walls, ceiling, floors. It's an absolute joy to work on. It's not over yet. Come and take a look."

Prof. Ing. arch. akad. arch. Petr Hájek
Petr Hájek Architects

"Our recent experience with the HOME OF AV space was simply amazing. This unique venue wowed us with its excellent attention to quality of service and originality of design, which provided us with a great base to host our hairdressing event.

One of the greatest strengths of this venue was without a doubt the individual attention of the staff. Our ideas and requests were never considered impossible or bothersome and everything was promptly and professionally dealt with. The professional and helpful staff made sure that everything was done to the complete satisfaction of us and our clients.

What we were particularly pleased with was the tasteful, functional and, above all, original design of the sustainable spaces. It was important to us to hold an event in a sustainable environment, and this venue fully met that requirement. The ample daylight, space and cleanliness contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the event. Equally important for us was the technical background, which HOME OF AV offers in the highest quality, including professional service.

This unique sustainable space offered us everything we needed and even more. Overall, HOME OF AV is a great choice for those looking for a unique venue with an emphasis on sustainability, originality of design, top-notch service and quality technical facilities. The staff is flexible, friendly and open to all ideas and offer the utmost personalized care based on our requirements, including sound, lighting, refreshments and room usage.

Not forgetting the provision of delicious home-cooked food which was a highlight of our event. Our experience with HOME OF AV has been absolutely fantastic, and we would definitely recommend this venue to anyone looking for the perfect venue for their event."

Lucie Pelcová
Brand Manager Primavera Andorra

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