The maximum amount of the foundation's contribution:
CZK 1 million
The oak grove restoration budget includes:

Cleaning the land and its preparation for planting, planting material including 100 oak and other seedlings, its transport, preparation of the habitat, protective elements (stakes, tools, bite guards), funds for aftercare.

Project intent:

We plan to restore the oak grove on the parcel number 344/1 - 745529 in Voděrádky, which was insensitively cut down in the past. The land we have purchased will be part of a fabulous interactive nature trail, another project we are funding with donations.

Under the expert supervision of a local arborist, we plan to plant about 100 mature oak seedlings. If you decide to contribute 10 000 CZK or more, you automatically become the owner of one (or more) oak trees. In order for the trees to take hold, it is advisable to plant them especially in spring. On the occasion of the planting of the trees, there will be an accompanying event where, among other things, certificates will be presented to the owners of the trees. We will publish on the Foundation's website how we proceed with our plan.

Project schedule:

Dita Vlčková
Vice-Chairwoman of the Management Board
tel: +420 776 013 634

Project completion date:

March/April 2023

Project authors:

Dita and Petr Vlček

Thank you for your support:

Our transparent account:
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Current State:

April 2023

In December 2022, we hosted a gala dinner for our dear donors in Voděrádky, during which we presented them with spades bearing the name and logo of the Foundation. We are delighted that our planters did not forget about them over the winter and planted their deciduous trees with them this week. We put all 52 seedlings in the ground on Tuesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 27 and now we look forward to seeing how they gradually turn green. During May, just as soon as our manpower is freed up, we will be planting grass around the trees and mulching a path for passers-by to walk through the newly planted grove and wish the trees all the best for life. 

We have completed our first foundation project and now we have no choice but to take the best possible care of the seedlings. 


Autumn 2022

During October, we were visited in Voděrádky by doc. Ing. CSc. Ivo Tábor, a prominent Czech dendrologist. On his recommendation, we postponed the autumn planting to the end of March and the beginning of April and went to the fertile lowlands of the Elbe region near Mělník. The village of Obříství is home to ARBOECO, a leading supplier of plants to European countries. The majority of the trees they ship are their own cuttings grown in the conditions of the Central European climate. And hooray, the trees are ordered. In spring we will pick up 20 oaks, 20 beeches, 10 hornbeams and 2 lindens. These will suit our grove best in the first phase of planting.

Spring 2022

On Monday, 17 January 2022, we started the work on the meanders of the stream in Pitkovice.
And because the scope of work was already beyond the capabilities of our heavy equipment, we approached Hůrka ZP, s. r. o. from Velke Popovice, who helped us with the landscaping. You can find the photos on our IG in the Foundation's highlight.


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